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09 November 2013 @ 11:35 am
I purchased The Silent Spy a little under two weeks ago and I've played it 4 times already. It'll probably end up being one of my favorite of the ND games, despite not having the Hardy Boys in it or despite the attitude Nancy gave during some parts of the game.

Anyone else play the game? What'd you like about it? What'd you dislike?
12 May 2012 @ 11:08 am
Has anyone else played Tomb of the Lost Queen yet?

If you have, what'd you think?
04 September 2011 @ 12:56 pm
I have finally uploaded some more of my Nancy Drew Clue-book. I wanted to get to ICE before I uploaded anymore, and after a long and arduous journey, have managed to do so. The problem was, ICE is not one of my favourite games, and I played it right before starting this Clue-book business. So it was doubly boring for me. And I am getting a bit tired of making the pages... :P But VEN is coming up soon, and HAU, which I haven't played for quite a long time, so future looks good! :)

For now, I have uploaded the next 5 games - CLK, TRN, DAN, CRE and ICE and reached game no. 16. I have also finished CRY, and am dying to play VEN, but I must finish the clue-book for CRY before I'm allowed to do that! :)

As usual you can find the jpgs of the games (and all the previous games) here.
If you have problems with saving and printing, then click here.
(If you still have problems and need help, then comment on a thread in my LJ - I rarely read my messages here, but I do get reply alerts to my email.)

Dare to play!

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You can find the files, like before, here. (New stuff starts on second page.)
If you have trouble with saving, printing or binding, check out my previous post.

Have fun!

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